*Rococo Revisited
Villa L
abandoned villa in Italy
by Aurélien Villette
Abandoned mansion and  graffiti on the paneling on the salon by Romany WG on Flickr.
Chateau Lumiere by Romany WG 
The fairest Chateau of them all. by Romany WG 
Villa Sbertoli by Romany WG on Flickr.
Abandoned Villa in Italy
(by Davide Baldo Photographer)
Castle Island at sunset 
abandoned mansion in Ireland

Bureau Central, France.From preciousdecay.com  
Château des Singes (Fr)

17th century castle , abandoned since 1976.

Escalier du Lumiere (by jamescharlick)
This Chateau once belonged to a wealthy industrialist of the region, but now sits quiet and empty on a hillside backing onto a forest.
We spent a pleasant night inside sheltering from the thunder and lighting.
The Southern Temple , abandoned garden house at Copped Hall, Essex a ruined country house close to Epping in Essex, England, parts of which date from the 16th century. It is an imposing structure set in a beautiful  parkland, described at one time as ‘the Premier house of Essex’. The estate is landscaped to conform to the English ideas of the 18th century - the taming of nature and the inclusion of uplifting vistas.  It was a good example of the ‘18th century house in landscape’.  The house was built in the mid 18th century and was abandoned after a fire in 1917.
Abandoned hotel
Manor Hotel , abandoned building  painted ceilings and  decay. 
Abandoned mansion, Manoir à la verrière (FR)  (by alex__ka)
Green reflection of trees in the mirror [Manoir à la verrière] (FR)